Seat Leon Cupra (Mk3) Brembo 4 pot big brake kit with 2 piece discs
Seat Leon Cupra (Mk3) Brembo 4 pot big brake kit with 2 piece discs
Seat Leon Cupra (Mk3) Brembo 4 pot big brake kit with 2 piece discs
Seat Leon Cupra (Mk3) Brembo 4 pot big brake kit with 2 piece discs

Seat Leon Cupra (Mk3) Brembo 4 pot big brake kit with 2 piece discs

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This kit has been put together as a cost effective performance brake kit for the Seat Leon Cupra (Mk3). The kit has been thoroughly tested by many owners in many different applications from normal road to heavy track use..

This kit comprises of:

1 pair of brand new Brembo 4 pot calipers
1 pair of brand new 345x30mm 2 piece discs with aluminium bells (plain/grooved/dimpled/drilled finish)
1 set of Brembo fast road pads
1 pair of longer braided hoses
1 pair of custom fabricated adaptors with bolts and fixings

You can download a printable template here to check if the brake kit will fit behind your current wheels. 

Spacers may be required to clear your wheels, these are also available. 

Colour chart is for the braided hoses, not the calipers.

Please note this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days. 


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  • Where do I buy additional/ spare discs?

    2 piece:

  • hi it's oem ref seat by brembo caliper or renault megane rs caliper ? thanks

    This kit uses the calipers from the RenaultSport Megane 250/265/275 Cup. It's not compatible with the Seat Brembos.

  • hi l got audi s3 2015 will this kid fit and will my rotors be ok or will l need new rotors??

    If the S3 shares the same hubs as the Seat Leon Mk3 they should bolt up yes. You can also reuse your existing discs.

  • Hi there does this brake kit come in the colour red or can you choose the colour you want ?

    These calipers only come in red with black writing.

  • hi will this kit fit a golf r 7.5

    If the Golf R uses the same hubs as the GTI, then it should fit.

  • Hi, can I buy this kit without discs to save on post to Australia? These are using VW mk6 R 345x30 discs I presume? Are the callipers Renault Megane III brembos? Thanks

    Yes we can supply the kit without discs. Email with the delivery address and we'll check the shipping cost.

  • Can you get the callipers in deffiernet colours ? Only I saw in the photos different colours but not an option for it

    Calipers are supplied in Red only. Colour option is for the anti-rust coating applied to the discs.

  • Will this kit need spacers for all Cupra standard wheels (including 19" one)? I assume the optional Sub8 wheels would be fine. Also, could you specify the specs for aftermarket wheels to fit this kit without spacers (I mean J, ET, etc)

    The best way to know if the kit will fit is to check the template. Unfortunately we don't have a list of wheels which fit over the kit.

  • Will the calipers fit the Standard 340mm discs

    They should, but there may be a 2.5mm pad overhang on the edge of the disc

  • Is it possible to install this on a Seat Leon MK3 FR? 2.0 TDi that gets driven hard on weekends and 72mpg motorway driving during the week!

    Yes, it should be possible if it uses the same hubs as the Curpa.

  • Seat Leon Cupra (Mk3) Brembo 4 pot big brake kit can be installed in the golf 7 pp?

    Yes, this kit will fit the Golf Mk7 GTi.

  • Hello, it’s possible send brake to Czech Republic?

    Yes. Email and we’ll check the costs