Honda 4 pot Red Pro Race 5 Brake kit

Honda 4 pot Red Pro Race 5 Brake kit

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This kit has been put together as a cost effective performance brake kit for the Honda Civic Type R and S2000 using the popular Pro Race 5 calipers. The kit has been thoroughly tested by many owners in many different applications from normal road to heavy track use.

The kit is designed to bolt straight up to your existing 300x25mm front discs making this the easiest 4 pot upgrade available on the market.

This kit comprises of:

1 pair of brand new 4 pot Red or Black Pro Race 5 Calipers
1 pair of brand new Mintex 1144 fast road pads (pad upgrades available)

1 pair of custom fabricated brackets

The calipers use the same pad fitment as found in the AP Racing CP5200 caliper.

You can download a printable template here to check if the brake kit will fit behind your current wheels. Spacers will be required for OEM wheels.

Please note, this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days. 


Ask a Question
  • Hi, can these be provided in black and with compbrake etched? Can i have a printable template too to test? Thanks Alex

    Hi Alex

    Yes, we can supply these in black with the Compbrake branding on the caliper. 
    The template can be downloaded here:


  • If i were to upgrade my discs to bigger discs in the future would you be able to provide brackets?

    Yes, you can order this kit:

  • Can I later upgrade to larger discs while keeping the calipers/pads/brackets used in this kit (fn2 OEM wheels)

    You can upgrade to larger discs in the future and retain the calipers, but you will need different adaptors.

  • Hi are the carrier brackets made form steel or aluminium, also what would the cost be with yellow stuff pads

    The adaptors are 6082-T6 aluminium. EBC Yellowstuff are listed as a pad choice

  • Hey bud I have braided lines on stock calipers would this kit be ok to work with these hoses..

    Yes, your braided hoses will fit these calipers.

  • What's the minimum size spacer I need for stock ep3 wheels

    The kit clears with 17mm bolt on spacers found here

  • Can you supply the kit without pads?

    We can, or we can supply the kit with different pads if you have a particular preference?

  • If i had a 18” alloys that are 8.5 wide would these fit or would i still need the spacers for them to clear ? I’m possibly thinking the Axe cs lites alloys if that helps.

    The best way to confirm if they'll clear would be to check the template on the link above. It's impossible to say if specific brands or width wheels will clear.

  • Do these come in different colours

    The calipers are available in red or black for no extra charge. Just add the colour to the notes when you order.

  • Hi, can these calipers be used on an accord type r ch1 on the standard 300x28mm discs?

    Yes, but we may need to make a different adaptor

  • What disc do you use with these just any type of civic ep3 disc?

    Any standard size EP3 disc will work with this kit.

  • Hi, are the calipers aluminum and how much is caliper weigh?

    Yes, the caliper is aluminium and they weigh 2.3kg each.

  • Hi, do you need spacers to fit these with OEM wheels, if you do what size of spacers do you need? Thanks

    Yes. 17mm spacers will provide enough clearance for OEM wheels. You can purchase these here:

  • Using OEM wheels with the 17mm spacers, do you then need longer studs for the wheel nuts to thread ? Can you provide a cost for these, and the extra cost for the optional DS2500 pads

    The 17mm spacers we sell come with new nuts and studs. The cost to upgrade to the DS2500 pads with this kit is an extra £20.00

  • Will the oem brake pipes fit the caliper or will i need braided hoses?

    Yes, your OEM brake hoses and banjo fittings will fit these calipers without modification. We would recommend fitting new copper crush washers.

  • Can I have a template for these calipers

    The template for this kit can be downloaded here

  • Hi I'm keen on these But do standard pads fit or do you need different ones also are these a straight fit for a Honda Civic 2007 type r thank you

    The calipers supplied in this kit use a different pad to the OEM calipers. We can supply most makes and compounds if you have something you prefer. Drop us an email at and we can go through some options. 

  • Hi, Do you know if these fit with standard wheels

    Yes they will. You will need at least 15mm spacers for the calipers to clear the spokes on the EP3/FN2 wheels. We can supply a set of 17mm with the kit if needed.