Mazda RX8 4 pot Red Pro Race 5 Brake kit

Mazda RX8 4 pot Red Pro Race 5 Brake kit

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This kit has been put together as a cost effective performance brake kit for the MAzda RX8. The kit has been thoroughly tested by many owners in many different applications from normal road to heavy track use.

The kit is designed to bolt straight up to your existing 323x24mm front discs making this the easiest 4 pot upgrade available on the market.

This kit comprises of:

1 pair of brand new 4 pot Red Pro Race 5 Calipers
1 pair of brand new pads from the selection

1 pair of custom fabricated brackets

The calipers use the same pad fitment as found in the AP Racing CP5200 caliper.

A printable template is available here to check if the brake kit will fit behind your current wheels.

Please note, this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days. 


Ask a Question
  • I just wondered if these callipers use the standard brake line set up on the rx8?

    Yes, this kit will fit with your standard RX8 brake lines.

  • Are spacers required for these to fit with the standard OEM wheels?

    You will need at least 60mm from the face of the disc to the back of the spokes to clear the calipers.

  • Will these fit under 16” wheels?

    It's unlikely unless they have a large inner diameter on the barrel, as they're designed to fit to the 323mm front discs.

  • Hi, do these calipers come in other colours? Thanks

    Callipers are available in red or black.

  • Hi, Do you sell the Hawk pads separate, I bought the calipers with Mintex pads from you guys last year for my RX8 but wanting to change to Hawk pads instead now. Thanks

    Yes we do. Please email and we’ll sort these for yoy

  • Will these callipers take standard RX8 brake pads? Or are they a different size / shape? Looking t put EBD yellow stuff pads on it Thanks

    These calipers take a different shape pad. The EBC Yellowstuff pads are listed here