Mazda MX5 Mk1/Mk2 (NA/NB) Wilwood Powerlite 4 pot brake kit (Rear)

Mazda MX5 Mk1/Mk2 (NA/NB) Wilwood Powerlite 4 pot brake kit (Rear)

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This kit has been designed to completely replace the original rear brake setup with a larger Wilwood 4 pot kit.

It has been designed primarily for kit cars based on the MX5 running gear as the calipers are suitable for up to 750kg cars.

As this kit has a functioning handbrake mechanism built into the caliper, it makes it eligible for race classes which require a parking brake. While it isn't as strong as the original parking brake and not suitable for drifting applications it will hold the car on a moderate incline but we would recommend leaving the car in gear if parking on a steep slope.

The kit comprises of:

1 x pair of new Wilwood Powerlite 4 pot calipers (with integral handbrake)
1 x pair of 276x10mm Sport rear discs (plain/grooved/dimpled/drilled for no extra)
1 x pair of fast road pads (Wilwood BP10 compound or equivalent)
1 x pair of custom fabricated Aluminium brackets

1 x pair of custom handbrake cables **
All bolts and fittings to fit the kit to your car.

The kit has been tried and tested on several different types of car both on the road and track and has performed flawlessly.

Please note, this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days. 

** Original handbrake cables will need replacing with cables and new balance bar supplied in the kit. Some modifications may be required to ensure correct fitment. If at all unsure, consult a qualified mechanic.


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  • hi, can i fit these to an mx5 rather than a kit car? only asking because the ad says up to 750kg thanks

    They will fit the MX5 But are more suited to a kit car due to the smaller pad, which will wear more quickly on a heavier car. 

  • Hi! Will this fit under 15x6?

    The kit should clear yes. You will need approximately 330mm inside diameter for the caliper to clear the inside of the wheel. Spoke design will dictacte whether the caliper will clear without spacers.