Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) RenaultSport Brembo caliper fitting kit
Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) RenaultSport Brembo caliper fitting kit
Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) RenaultSport Brembo caliper fitting kit

Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) RenaultSport Brembo caliper fitting kit

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This kit has been put together to make owning a big brake kit more affordable. Using Brembo calipers from the RenaultSport Clio and Megane Mk2 R26/225 sourced by yourself, and the fitting kit below, this allows you to fit a 4 pot big brake kit at the fraction of the price of a new kit.

This kit comprises of:

1 pair of brand new 280x28mm Nissan discs (plain/grooved/dimpled/drilled finish)
1 pair of custom spigot rings

1 pair of longer braided hoses
1 pair of custom fabricated adaptors with bolts and fixings

All you need to do is source the calipers. We can even supply the pads if needed.

You can download a printable template here to check if the brake kit will fit behind your current wheels. Spacers will be required for OEM wheels.

Please note this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days. 


Ask a Question
  • Interested on the Renault Sport Brake Kit for the Mx5. What about the brake lines, do the OEM lines fit into the caliper?

    Yes, this kit is supplied with a pair of longer front hoses.

  • Bestaat er ook zoiets voor een mx5 NC 2006

    Yes, the kit is listed here:

  • Hello, I got prakes from Porsche Boxter S (big 4 piston brakes.) are these the same than the megane sport ones?, so does this kit go with them too?

    No, these are different calipers with different mountings.

  • Would this setup work with Enkei RPF1 15" ET28 without spacers?

    We would always recommend downloading the template from the product page to check wheel clearance. This is the only way to confirm.

  • I have Renault Brembo callipers from a precious project, would they fit with these carriers and discs under the standard mk2 1.8 15” wheels?

    Spacers would be required for the standard 15" wheels.

  • I'm running Rota BM8/Shakotan wheels in 15x8et0. Any feedback on wether these would work without spacers? Thank you! Best regards, Nico.

    All depends on spoke clearance. Best suggestion is to download the template and try it behind a wheel.

  • I have the mk2.5 s-vt, will I need a bigger brake master cylinder? Is there any other brake parts I will need to get the very most out of these?

    The total piston area is slightly larger than the S-VT calipers, but small enough you probably wouldn't feel much difference. All you need are the calipers and pads (we can supply both).

  • Im just after the brackets, would you sell separately. If you would could you give me a price. Thanks

    This kit needs brackets, bolts, spigots and specific modified discs to fit. With just supplying the adaptors, you would still need to source the rest. Email and we'll go through some options. 

  • Will this kit work with the brembos from a Renault clio 197 and 200?

    This kit is designed to work with exactly those calipers. They're the same as the Megane 225/R26. 

  • Hi, will this kit fit under 15x8" rims (looking the gap between the barrel and the top of the caliper)? I see in the picture a 5-lugs brake disc: is it required to drill 4-lugs, an adaptor or a new hub? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Lorenzo

    The kit should clear the overal diameter, but may need spacers for spoke clearance. The kit is supplied with 280x28mm 4x100 PCD discs, the picture shown is a stock image. 

  • Is there any other brembo calipers that would fit this adapter kit?

    Hi. This kit is specifically designed to work with the RenaultSport Megane R26 Brembo calipers. If you have something else, email us at and we can see if adaptors are possible.