Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) Bolt On Spacer (4x)

Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) Bolt On Spacer (4x)

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4x bolt on wheel spacers for the Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB)

These wheel spacers are designed to bolt onto the existing hub of your car, and allow your wheel to bolt onto the spacer securely.

The spacers are machined from high quality aircraft grade aluminium to fit your car perfectly, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Included with the kit are the spacers, studs to secure the wheel onto the spacer, and nuts to secure the spacer onto the hub

Specs are: 
PCD: 4x100
CB: 54.1mm

Please select the size required from the drop down box below. If you are unsure which size you require, please contact us.


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  • Hey guys, is it possible to have these drilled with a 114.3 adaption so I could run other pcd wheels on my Eunos? If so what would the cost for a set of 4 in 27/28mm with the 4 x 100 - 4 x 114.3 adaption? I ran your spacers on my Gen 7 Celica and they were spot on so would be keen to use your stuff again if I go for the 114.4 route. Cheers.

    Yes. We can supply them with a different outer PCD and CB. Just add the specs in th notes when you complete the order. 

  • Hi. Will these fit the standard bbs wheels that came with RLtd, SLtd and SSpec Eunos roadsters? I've bought spacers from mx5 parts before that didn't...

    To guarantee fitment without any modifications to the car, you would need to fit 27mm spacers. These are deep enough to completely cover the existing studs. 
    The other option if you wanted to fit smaller spacers is to cut down the studs on the car so they don't protrude from the face of the spacer when it's fitted to the car. 

  • Hi I’m currently building an exocet with team dynamics pro race 1.2 15” Wheels et38 I’m in need of spacers and spigot rings- I was thinking 30mm spacers if these are available are you able to help with this thanks Jamie

    Yes, 30mm spacers will be fine with these. The arches and stays can be modified to suit the wheels and tyres once fitted to the car. 

  • I have 15x6 et45 wheels and would like to space them out so they sit more flush with the arches. I think perhaps 25 mm would be best, what are your thoughts?


    Usually we suggest measuring out from the edge of the tyre to the edge of the arch. That would give you an idea of how wide you can go. 
    Every wheel and even tyre wall are going to be different, so without doing the above, it would just be a stab in the dark.

  • hi, 1, are these in stock ( 20 or 25mm ) or made to order ? 2, if i wanted different size say ,eg 29mm, is this same price and whats lead time ? 3, is there a delivery charge or free delivery ?? regards

    We make our spacers to order, but do carry some in stock. 29mm can be made and would be the same price as 30mm (order 30mm and add the size in the notes). Lead time is normally 7-10 working days. Delivery is calculated at the checkout based on total weight. 

  • Hi, I see your earlier comment regarding spacers/eunos and BBS alloys needing 27mm spacers, I presume that means 27mm or larger?

    The question was related to the minimum thickness needed without having to modify the existing studs, regardless of wheels used. If you're happy to cut down your studs (if they hit the back of the wheel) you can fit anything from 17mm upwards. 

  • Hi, i'm buying spacers for my mev exocet kit car and have bought wheels which have an et30 offset, therefore i am assuming that i need 30mm spacers. is this correct? Many thanks duncan

    Hi. It really depends on wheel design and arch clearance. The best way to work out how wide they need to be is to fit one on the car with the arch stays in place, then measure how far out the wheel and tyre need to be to clear. 

  • Hi there. Are you able to produce 4x100 to 4x110 adapters. Just purchased some. Old rx7 wheels to go on my mx5

    Yes we can. 
    Just add both inner and outer centrebores and PCDs in the order notes and we’ll make them to that specification.