Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) Aluminium Alternator Pulley
Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) Aluminium Alternator Pulley

Mazda MX5 Mk1/2 (NA/NB) Aluminium Alternator Pulley

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This lightweight aluminium alternator pulley is designed to fit the MX5 NA and NB engines (Both V and ribbed belt styles are available).

Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium, it is 35% lighter than the original pressed steel pulley

All pulleys are to fit 17mm shafts, it is worth checking your alternator to ensure these are the same. It is worthwhile removing your pulley to measure, and send a picture of both sides of the pulley to ensure the correct part is ordered. 


Ask a Question
  • Am I able to fit the 1.8 style multi-ribbed pulley to a 1.6 alternator (with the standard V belt pulley?)

    The Mk1 1.8 pulley should fit the Mk1 1.6 shaft as a conversion

  • Is there a difference between the MX5 MK1 1.8 and MK2 1.8 pulleys? Will but put a 1.8L MK2 motor in my car but want to keep my 1.6 MK1 alternator!

    You will need the Mk1 pulley with the 1.6 alternator. This may need spacing with a washer to ensure it runs true

  • Will this fit the 1995, 1.8L motor alternator?

    Yes. Just select the Mk1 1.8 option from the drop down box.

  • can you make a alternator pulley for a mk1 1.6 which will reduce alternator speed by circa 25%?? How much will it cost?? Im in the office and can't be arsed to go and look so i'm not sure if there will there be any clearance issues or not??

    Yes, we can make a pulley to this specification. Drop us an email at and we'll do the numbers.