Honda Civic Type R (EP3/FN2) RenaultSport Brembo caliper fitting kit (Mk3)
Honda Civic Type R (EP3/FN2) RenaultSport Brembo caliper fitting kit (Mk3)
Honda Civic Type R (EP3/FN2) RenaultSport Brembo caliper fitting kit (Mk3)

Honda Civic Type R (EP3/FN2) RenaultSport Brembo caliper fitting kit (Mk3)

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This kit has been put together to make owning a big brake kit more affordable. Using Brembo calipers from the RenaultSport Megane Mk3 sourced by yourself, and the fitting kit below, this allows you to fit a 4 pot big brake kit at the fraction of the price of a new kit.

This kit comprises of:

1 pair of brand new 320x28mm Nissan discs (plain/grooved/dimpled/drilled finish)
1 pair of custom spigot rings

1 pair of custom fabricated adaptors with bolts and fixings

All you need to do is source the calipers. We can even supply the pads if needed.

Spacers may be required to clear your wheels, these are also available. 

Please note, this kit is not designed to use the 324x30mm discs found on the Nissan 350z. If these discs are used in the future, we cannot guarantee fitment.

Custom brake hoses may be required.

Also, this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days. 


Ask a Question
  • Hi which wheel spacers is suited for the civic ep3 standard wheels for this kit ?

    17mm normally allow the required clearance

  • Hi will Megane rs 250 callipers fit this kit ? Thanks

    Yes, the 250/265/275 Cup calipers will fit.

  • Will this kit fit mk2 callipers ?

    Yes, the Mk2 and Mk3 calipers use the same fitting kit.

  • Are Renault Megane rs3 callipers suitable for use with this kit?many thanks

    Yes, these are the calipers required.

  • Do you guys know if the 2008 Megane f1 team 175 DCI Brembo callipers will fit an ep3?

    Yes, they're the same as the R26 caliper

  • would this fit s2000 stock AP2 wheels? does it matter if i use mk3 or mk2 calipers?

    Spacers will be required for stock wheels. The kit works with either 225/R26 or 275 Cup calipers.

  • With this kit what brake lines need to be used as the Mégane doesn't use a banjo bolt Cheers

    This kit should work with your existing brake hoses. Alternatively we can supply a pair of braided hoses to suit

  • Morning will this break kit fit behind standard ep3 wheels

    They should do. You will need to run spacers though. We can supply 17mm bolt on which should give enough clearance.

  • Hi, In my past experience any color disc comes to a shiny metal color just after the first drive with normal braking, is this black or gold gonna hold their color? cheers

    With any coloured coating, the area swept by the pads will clean to bare metal. This gives the best friction surface for the pads.

  • Hi. I have a 96/98 honda civic ek4. Can you guys tell me if i can retrofit this kit? Thanks

    This kit would be difficult to fit as it needs 5x114.3 hubs and at least 17" wheels to clear.

  • Hi am looking at the this kit 4 my ep3 would the megan 225 brembo calipers be compatible?

    Yes, this kit will work with Megane 225 Brembos

  • Do you sell the fitting kit without discs?

    Yes. Please email for a quote.

  • Mk3 or mk2 calliper.?on title is stated mk3

    This kit is for the RenaultSport Mk3 Brembo calipers

  • Hi, how much does the discs cost ? (for replacement). Thank you

    The replacement discs for this kit cost £79.00 per pair. 

  • Hi iv orded a set of renault Clio rs 197 200 brembo calipers. Would I need the mk3 discs and bracket set?

    The Clio RS 197/200 uses the same calipers as the RS Megane Mk2, so the fitting kit would be the Mk2 kit, not the Mk3 kit.