Honda Brembo 4 pot big brake kit (Mk3 calipers)
Honda Brembo 4 pot big brake kit (Mk3 calipers)
Honda Brembo 4 pot big brake kit (Mk3 calipers)
Honda Brembo 4 pot big brake kit (Mk3 calipers)

Honda Brembo 4 pot big brake kit (Mk3 calipers)

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This kit has been put together as a cost effective performance brake kit for the Honda Civic Type R. The kit has been thoroughly tested by many owners in many different applications from normal road to heavy track use.

This kit comprises of:

1 pair of brand new red Brembo 4 pot calipers
1 pair of brand new 320x28mm discs (plain/grooved/dimpled/drilled finish)
1 set of Brembo fast road pads (Ferodo DS2500/PBS Pro Race pads available for extra cost)
1 pair of custom spigot rings
1 pair of custom fabricated adaptors with bolts and fixings

(Colour selection is for disc coating, not caliper colour!)

You can download a printable template here to check if the brake kit will fit behind your current wheels. Spacers will be required for OEM wheels, these are also available.

Please note this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days. 


Ask a Question
  • Is there any difference between these red brembo calipers and the grey ones that came on some models?

    No difference, just the colour.

  • Do you sell the custom fabricated adaptors with bolts and fixings and spigot rings on their own?

    Yes, the fitting kit is here:

  • Is it possible to order this kit with c-hook discs?

    Yes, just add this to the order

  • Would i still need the adapter to run this caliper on my dc5 ??

    The kit supplied comes complete with adaptors to mount the caliper as well as the bolts to secure it to the car.

  • Hi will these work on the standard discs of ether FN2 or the 1.8 model?

    This upgrade is designed to work with the 320mm discs supplied. If you want to keep the original 300mm discs, check out the Pro Race 5 kit here

  • hello! I own 2000 and have 7JJx17 ET55 stock wheels with 15mm spacers. Will this kit fit?

    The template is available here to check the wheel clearance

  • HI, how much are the spacers required please?

    Spacers can be purchased here

  • Hi guys would this brake set up also fit my 2009 accord estate, I’m currently running 18 inch wheels..

    It the hubs are the same as the Civic EP3 and FN2 they should fit.

  • Do these fit on standard 17" wheels?

    Yes, with 17mm bolt on spacers.

  • Will the mk3 brembo kit fit the mugen200 19inch lighting alloys without spacers

    I would recommend downloading and printing the template to check the wheel clearance.

  • Can you get the calipers with white writing or only black?

    The calipers are supplied in red with black writing only.

  • Hi whats the difference between the mk3 kit and mk2 kit

    The Mk3 kit uses the newer larger calipers and larger pads.

  • Hi, would these fit a 2009 Civic fn2 and are these a set(one pair) for the front brakes? What is shipping in additional to the price of £735 to Singapore? And which shipping method? Thanks

    The price is for the front brakes. Please email with your delivery details and we'll check the costs.

  • Hi, Is it possible to buy the spigot rings separate from the kit? Thanks

    Yes. Available here: just state they’re for the Nissan discs.

  • Will these fit on FN1 Type S ?

    Yes, this kit will fit all Gen8 Civics. I would recommend a set of braided hoses for the non-Type R models

  • I’ve got 17x7.5 (et45) alloys with 205/45/17 tires, what size spacers would I need to clear the callipers? Cheers

    Usually 17mm should give the clearance but to be sure, download the template and check.

  • Hi there, what car are the calipers from? Obviously I would need to know for what car I'd be ordering replacement pads for. Thanks

    The calipers are from the RenaultSport Megane. Pads are widely available

  • Hello, do you have the 350z disc kit or is it possible with you?

    The adaptors we make won't work with the 350z discs. We can make a set but it will be more expensive. Email and we'll work out a price.

  • Hello, I've got a new set of splash guards to fit but because you have to trim a bit of the splash guard do you think it would be all right to fit your brakes without the splash guards.

    Yes. Many people either trim or remove them completely with no reported issues

  • Is the adapter for the caliper on a ep3 the same as an fn2?

    Yes, our adaptor will fit both the EP3 and FN2.

  • So van i use nissan 350z discs with this kit

    No, this kit uses the discs from a Nissan Murano. The 350z discs won’t work with the adaptors.

  • Are the 320x28mm discs readily available from other sources? They will be fitted to an Integra (DC5) with 17" wheels and I'm hoping the discs could also be sourced locally in Australia.

    Yes. The discs used are from a Nissan Murano 3.5 V6 and widely available from all good stockists. Email for a shipping quote

  • Hi, I have fn2 with 19”rage alloys would I need spacers with this kit?

    Usually people fit at least 15mm spacers to clear the calipers. We can supply 17mm bolt on spacers with the kit if required

  • What's the difference between the MK2 and MK3 Megane calipers please?

    The Mk3 calipers are a newer design and will take a larger diamter disc (360mm+) should you want to upgrade in the future. 

  • Hello, I was just wondering if you ship these kits to Australia? Additionally, would the price not include VAT if that were the case? We do have our own tax for purchasing goods overseas with a retail price over $1,000 AUD, but there are ways around it, cheers! :)

    Yes, we can ship to Australia. Please email and we'll arrange a quote. 

  • Are you able to confirm everything that is needed for fit please? As in excluding discs and pads, what else is needed to make these fit the FN2?

    This kit comes complete with everything needed to fit to the car. Discs, pads, calipers and brackets. Also, if you order this month, we’re even including 1 litre of ATE Typ200 brake fluid.  

  • Are you able to supply this kit with silver calipers?

    No, only red with the Mk3 kit. The Mk2 kit can use silver calipers. 

  • How much for the caliper brackets and sprigot rings please?

    Please email and we can put a package together for you.

  • will this kit fit fk3 also?

    Yes, this kit will fit the FK3 as well. We would recommend a set of braided hoses to ensure they reach the calipers without stretching as the FN2 hoses are slightly longer than the FK3.

  • Do these include new brake lines?

    This kit uses your existing brake lines as they're plenty long enough to reach the calipers, and the fittings are the same. We can supply the kit with a set of braided hoses if required. 

  • Do you sell brackets separately.

    Please contact us at and we can breakdown the costs

  • Hi Can you supply the kit with 340x28 discs as an upgrade ? these discs from hyundai genesis are affordable and your kit is amazing but it will look better with bigger discs and will win over any of your competition . I have an honda type R FN2 2008 Please send me a quote if is possible. I will buy it ASAP Thanks a lot

    Please email and we'll look into this for you. 

  • Hi I need to buy FOR my Honda type r fn2 2008 18 inches wheels =330x28mm discs . I want to install brembo calipers from fk2 Can you help me? Thanks

    We have looked at the FK2 calipers and it's not possible to fit them to the FN2 due to the lug mount caliper setup. The RS Megane Mk3 setup above will bolt straight onto the car with no problems. 

  • Hi I got both cars FN2 2009 and S2000 2009 will this kit suit both cars ?, I am not sure on which I am gonna install it but definitely i want to buy it , Please let me know if the discs fit on both Kind Regards

    Everything apart from the adaptors are the same. If you email we should be able to work something to allow the kit to work on both cars. 

  • Hi, with fitting this kit to an S2000 with standard 17" wheels, what size spacer would i need?

    From customer feedback, around 20mm of additional clearance is needed. You can download the template for the kit here: Honda Brembo outline

  • Hi, just another question. The kit supplies 320mm discs but the mk3 Megane has 340mm discs. What was the reason for the smaller discs? Thanks.

    The reason for the smaller discs is to allow the kit to 17" wheels on the EP3 and S2000, and to keep the consumable costs lower. To fit the Megane Mk3 discs would require more modifications to the discs. We can supply the kit with 345mm 2 piece discs as an upgrade here:

  • Hello, just wondering if the standard FN2 brake lines are a straight fit to these calipers. If not which braided ones would you recommend? Cheers.

    Yes, the standard hoses will fit. If you want to fit braided hoses at the same time, they're available here:

  • Hello, what brake lines will be needed with this kit? Also will they be any modding required to fit or does this kot come with everything to fit on

    Your standard brake lines will be compatible with this kit. If you would like to fit braided hoses at the same time, these can be purchased here: The kit will bolt straight onto the car without major modifications. The only additional work needed is to trim or bend the dust shield to clear the discs. 

  • Hi, which size wheel spacers would be required if fitting this kit to an FN2 with OEM 18" wheels? Cheers.

    Hi. A minimum of 15mm spacers would be required to clear the OEM 18" wheels. 
    We can supply 17mm bolt on hubcentric spacers if required. These are available to order here: