BMW E9x M3 AMG 6 pot front caliper adaptors
BMW E9x M3 AMG 6 pot front caliper adaptors

BMW E9x M3 AMG 6 pot front caliper adaptors

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This kit has been put together to make owning a big brake kit more affordable. Using AMG Brembo calipers from the Mercedes C63 AMG sourced by yourself, and the custom adaptors below, this allows you to fit a 6 pot big brake kit to your existing 360mm front discs at the fraction of the price of a new kit

The kit uses calipers and pads from the W204 C Class Mercedes C63 AMG as sourced by yourself and comprises of:

1 pair of custom fabricated adaptors with bolts and fixings.
1 pair of custom front braided hoses.

You will need to do is source the calipers. Also you will need to shave approximately 3mm from the top of the lugs for the 360mm setup.

We can supply pads if needed.

Spacers may be required.

Please note this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days


Ask a Question
  • Is it possible to install a caliper other than that car brembo 6pot?

    We would need to design different adaptors if a different 6 pot caliper is used. These adaptors are for the W204 C63 AMG caliper.

  • Hello what years of the c63 will work with your custom adaptors?

    the C63 W204 model. 2007-2014.

  • Will this adapter fit E9x non M3 car also?

    Unfortunately not. They use different front hubs.

  • Is this for e90 m3 ?

    Yes. This kit will fit the E90 M3.

  • Once the Mercedes callipers are fitted, is it possible to run these under an 18" wheel?

    The diameter should clear an 18" wheel but may need a spacer to clear spokes depending on the design.

  • Does the w204 rear calipers fit the e92 m3 also?

    Unfortunately not. The caliper is lug mount so can't be made to fit the hub as the mounting lugs hit the lugs on the hub.