BMW E46 M3 Brembo 4 pot big brake kit - Front

BMW E46 M3 Brembo 4 pot big brake kit - Front

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This kit has been put together as a cost effective performance brake kit for the BMW E46 M3. The kit has been thoroughly tested by many owners in many different applications from normal road to track use..

This kit comprises of:

1 pair of brand new red 4 pot RenaultSport Brembo Calipers
1 set of brand new pads (optional upgrades available)

1 pair of custom fabricated brackets with bolts and fixings
1 pair of custom HEL braided hoses
1 set of pad pins and spring clips

The kit is designed to fit directly onto the original 345x28mm CSL front discs without modification. Spacers may be required to clear your wheels, these are also available. You can download a printable template here

Please note this brake kit is made to order, so may have a leadtime of approximately 7-10 working days. 


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  • Besides the CSL rotors, is the only thing required to run this kit aftermarket brake lines? if so, which ones would you recommend? Thanks

    The kit we supply comes with a set of custom front brake hoses.

  • Does this kit fit a Z4m on standard alloys

    There is a template on the product page to check wheel clearance. If the Z4M shares the same hubs as the E46 M3, this kit should fit.

  • Hi, I run genuine csl alloys, will this kit fit without the need for spacers and how much would it cost to paint yellow or blue? Thanks

    Have you tried the printable template on the product page? This will show you the clearance needed. The calipers are only available in red with black writing.

  • Hi do the callipers have dust seals as my M3 is used on the road daily (no garage queen or track only toy).

    Yes, these calipers have dust seals.

  • Hello, do you sell only brackets from this kit ?

    We can supply just the fitting kit here

  • Can these colours come in any colour other than red ?

    These calipers are only available in red with black writing

  • Hi,what is the price difference between the 345mm disc kit & the 360mm kit for the BMW E46 M3 please.

    The 345mm kit requires 345mm CSL front discs, the 360mm kit requires 360mm E9x M3 front discs.

  • Will this fit rears as well? How much are the csl disks? Thanks

    No, these calipers aren't suitable for the rear of a car. Please email for a price on the discs.

  • can this set up be used with standard e46 m3 front brake discs?

    This kit requires 345mm CSL front discs to fit.

  • Hi there, do i need the CSL caliper carriers along with this kit and can i get the calipers in a choice of colours? thanks Andy

    You only need the CSL discs, not carriers. Calipers come in red with black writing but you can paint them any colour you like

  • Please can you tell me the piston sizes, so I can check the bias...

    Callipers run 4x40mm pistons.

  • I want to use the stock 18" rims is that possible

    You may need spacers. Check the template for the wheel clearance.

  • Hi, could you provide the brackets and hoses separetely?

    Yes. Please email and we'll sort a price.

  • Hi do you make a kit for e46 330i m sport, if so can you let me know the complete cost and what the kit contains

    Not currently, but email and we'll look into making a kit.

  • Hi guys - I plan to use these with my 345mm x 28mm OEM CSL rotors but if down the track I wanted to upgrade to Brembo 355mm rotors, would these calipers be able to fit (maybe with with different custom brackets that you could supply)?

    Yes, you’d need shims or new adaptors. We can sort these for you.

  • Hi, is this kit a suitable upgrade for the 2007 E86 3.0Si Z4 Coupe? If not are you aware of an available upgrade kit? Many thanks

    If the Z4 uses the same front hub as the E46 M3 then yes it should fit.

  • Hi, I'm interested in your bbk for my e46 m3, it's a road and track car, what pads do you recommend? I have a megane rs250 with PBS pads in and are very Good, would you be able to supply these? Thanks, Chris.

    Yes. We can supply the kit with PBS pads.

  • Hi just wondering if you make a kit that will work with the original 325mm x 28mm me brake discs?

    This kit won’t work as the calipers are too large. It would need a smaller caliper. Drop us an email at to discuss.

  • High so will this kit fit my bmw e46 328i if I put the 345mm m3 rotors on it? If so do you know if the rotors are a direct fit? Thankyou.

    I believe the hubs are different from the 328i and M3. We could make a kit for the 328i, but we would need to develop it. Please email to discuss.

  • Can i please ask if this kit is fully compatable with a Z4m, including brake hoses etc?

    If the Z4M uses the same front setup as the E46 M3 CSL then yes, this kit will fit. We can supply hoses to fit the Z4M also.

  • Can you tell me what model of Brembo calipers these are?

    The calipers used are found on the RenaultSport Megane 250/265/275 Cup models. 

  • What kind of power would these brakes be good for at a maximum for road use?

    This kit works perfectly well on the E9x with over 400hp on road and track use. 

  • Hi there, will this kit fit under standard E46 M3 18" wheels ?

    Yes, these should clear the wheels. There is a template you can download to check on the product page. 

  • Hi the e46 Caliper do they come in red only ?

    The Calipers are supplied in red with black logos, but you’re welcome to paint them any colour you like without affecting the warranty. 

  • Hi are there’s for the front and do they fit with standard 19”wheels

    Yes, this is for the front axle and they will fit the standard 19" wheels.

  • Hi! Is it possible to get the caliper in black? Thanks, Daniel

    The calipers are supplied red, but you can paint them any colour you like. 

  • Hi Do you make a kit for the standard 325mm discs? Thx

    This kit won't fit to the 325mm M3 discs, there isn't room between the caliper mounts and caliper position to get a thick enough adaptor in. This is why we make it to fit the 345mm CSL front discs. 

  • Hi Will this kit work with the standard 325mm discs? Thx Rod

    Unfortunately not there isn’t the space between the caliper and hub to manufacture a bracket using the 325mm discs. 

  • Good evening freaky parts I’d like to know if it would be possible to make a kit consisting of the E 90, 360 mil discs with this set ?up..and if so an approximate price... using your fully floating discs ? (ideally drilled)... not looking to buy this year..but early next year..thanks

    Yes we can. Price will depend on what setup you want and when you order as prices will undoubtedly change between now and next year. The price will be similar to the cost of the E46 kit with the addition of the E9x front discs

  • Hi, will these fit on the Z4m coupe? Thanks.

    Yes, just state in the order notes the kit is for the Z4M and we'll supply the longer brake hoses.

  • What pads do I need for this kit when changing them in the future?

    The FMSI code for the pad is D1001. All the pad manufacturers make pads in this shape.