Vauxhall Corsa Drag car brake kit

Earlier this year we were approached by a customer wanting a small big brake kit for his Vauxhall Corsa drag car. There were some specific requirements listed, including being extremely lightweight and small enough to fit under his custom made drag wheels.

We set to work sourcing a suitable caliper and rotor (from Wilwood, they do this sort of thing for the Yanks all the time!) and then spent some time scratching our heads as to how to get the caliper and rotor mounted.


As the car needs to run spacers as well, it was a perfect opportunity to integrate these into the custom bells, and by doing this fixed 2 issues in one. It also allowed us to push the rotors further back so the caliper cleared the inside of the wheels!

The customer is over the moon with the kit and will get it all fitted ready for the 2019 drag racing season.

So whatever you want making, how strange and obscure, we have the skills and ingenuity in-house to make it!