Are we doing a Black Friday event...?

At FreakyParts, we endeavour to offer the best price on our products and when it comes around to this time of year, we struggle to offer the same sort of eye-catching discounts other retailers are able to advertise. Simply because we don't make the same sort of margins as others do.
So for 2023, we've decided to do something different.
Instead of offering 5-10% discount on our most popular selling kits (which you'll probably buy anyway!) we're going to donate 10% of all our sales (over £100) made from the 24-27th November to charity.
We've chosen to donate this money to a charity we've been working closely with called The Speed of Sight Charity. This fantastic team organise driving experience days for blind, partially sighted and less able children and adults, giving them the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car and experience the thrill of driving around a track - something we all take for granted.
We hope this doesn't stop you from ordering one of our awesome brake kits, and instead of saving a few pounds/dollars you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good instead.